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Engagements in renewable energy

  • Darwind

    Role Caneval: Business case development, implementation and management.

    Description: Darwind was founded in 2005 by ATO-NH (Province Noord-Holland) to develop and market high-power offshore wind turbines based on direct drive permanent technology. Econcern became the majority shareholder in 2006 and funded the design and development of two 5MW prototype turbines, as well as the buildup of the organisation to 70 FTE by 2009. Following the bankruptcy of Econcern, Darwind was taken over by XEMC Windpower Co. from China in August 2009. XEMC-Darwind delivered the first prototype 5MW turbine in 2011 and plans to ship the first commercial series in 2015. Caneval developed the business case in co-operation with the founders and acted as CCO in Darwind's board up-to the transfer to XEMC Windpower.

    Status: Completed.

  • General Blade Technology

    Role Caneval: Business case development.

    Description: General Blade Technology was founded in 2008 to offer wind turbine blade design, development and production services. As part of Econcern's Ecoventures, it was set-up to supply blades to its 'sister' company Darwind, the manufacturer of offshore wind turbines. After the bankruptcy of Econcern in 2009, it continued through a management buy-out and was renamed Global Blade Technology. Caneval developed the business case in co-operation with the GBT management team.

    Status: Completed.

  • BioResource

    Role Caneval: Business case development.

    Description: BioResource was founded in 2007 by Econcern to extend its position in the up- and midstream biomass market. It intended to create local production facilities worldwide in co-operation with local partners with access to agro- and forest-based (2nd generation) biomass residues and to apply advanced technologies such as torrefaction. Caneval developed the business case for BioResource together with its management team.

    Status: Completed.


    Role Caneval: Feasibility review, business case development, subsidy raising and implementation support.

    Description: HEZEPP Company developed a novel power generator - the HEZEPP for High Efficiency Zero Emission Power Plant – based on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) and Gas Turbine (GT) technology. It is designed to offer unparalleled high efficiency power generation in combination with zero emission and a high fuel flexibility. The GT and heat exchanger technology were successfully developed, but the SOFC based on 'hollow electrodes and loose plates' could not be demonstrated to reach the required current density. The program was therefore put on hold in 2011. Caneval verified the thermodynamics of the design; developed the business case; raised subsidies and provided ongoing implementation support.

    Status: On hold.

  • Helianthos

    Role Caneval: Business case, financing & publicity campaign to prevent liquidation of TF Solar PV manufacturer.

    Description: Thin film solar PV manufacturer Helianthos, a spin-off from AKZO research, was threatened to be liquidated in September 2011 after an unsuccessful divestment program initiated by its mother company NUON/Vattenfal. Caneval Ventures joined the ‘Burgerinitiatief’ Helianthos and prepared a new business case together with the Helianthos management team to demonstrate the long-term viability of the company and attract new investors. Helianthos was secured through the acquisition by HyET Solar in May 2012.

    Status: Completed.

  • Energy Transition Group (ETG)

    Role Caneval: Founder & Partner.

    Description: The Energy Transition Group (ETG) is a partnership of independent consultants, entrepreneurs and thinkers in the Netherlands with a shared objective to promote the transition to a sustainable, affordable and reliable energy system by supporting regional initiatives. Caneval founded the company and executed its first project for 'Energiecoöperatie DE Ramplaan' and the municipality of Haarlem: A comprehensive and quantitative study of the technical and financial feasibility of the transition to a fully self-sufficient and sustainable energy supply in the Ramplaan district in Haarlem. See the ETG web-site for further information.

    Status: Ongoing.


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