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Engagements in the ICT and media industry

  • UniXS Solutions

    Role Caneval: Founder. Business case development, funding, implementation and management.

    Description: UniXS Solutions NV was launched by Caneval in June 2000 with financial backing of ABN-AMRO and was sold to PinkRoccade in March 2003. Through its Wireless Application Service Provider (W-ASP) business model, it enabled businesses to deploy multi channel solutions for their customers, employees and/or suppliers. It developed state-of-the-art mobile applications for the financial and healthcare industries, which are now operated by its successors.

    Status: Transferred.

  • Travelling Connect

    Role Caneval: General support and supervisory board.

    Description: Travelling Connect helps mobile operators to stimulate their international roaming traffic through partnerships with customer loyalty programs. The loyalty program members can earn miles or points for themselves when traveling abroad by selecting the network of the affiliated mobile operator, thereby creating additional roaming traffic for the affiliated operators. Caneval provides general support and acts as supervisory board.

    Status: Ongoing.

  • Notivion

    Role Caneval: Service proposition and ASP platform development..

    Description: In co-operation with Travelling Connect, Caneval Ventures developed a white label ASP solution for airlines and travel agencies to provide Travel Notification Services to their end-users. A demonstration platform was developed by which end-users could subscribe to the service and receive personalized travel information alerts through SMS (text) message and/or e-mail providing all relevant travel information - e.g. flight schedules, actual departure and arrival time updates, check-in desk and gate information - as soon as it becomes available. The demo was presented to various prospects and well received, but no commercial deals were made by the end of 2007. The project was put on hold at that point in time.

    Status: On hold.

  • ComPillar

    Role Caneval: Founder. Business case development, funding and implementation.

    Description: ComPillar pioneers a new role in the telecom value chain, referred to as a VoIP/Wireless Service Enabler (VWSE). Once launched, it will enable retail companies to offer VoIP or bundled VoIP/GSM services under their own brand. It will offer converged voice and messaging services over WiFi, ADSL, cable and/or GSM networks through its own telecom and computer platform on a wholesale basis. Caneval developed the concept and business case and explored comercial interest among service providers and telecom retailers. It was unable to raise the required funding in the 2005/2006 timeframe, after which the project was put on-hold.

    Status: On hold.

  • Telecompaper

    Role Caneval: Author of industry report on Fixed Mobile Internet Convergence.

    Description: Telecompaper is an independent publishing, research company. They write, collect and publish the latest data about the telecom industry. Caneval wrote a industry report distributed by Telecompaper on the convergence of the telecom, IT and media industries.

    Status: Completed and published in May 2006. Click here to view the brochure (PDF document)


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