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Engagements in software and modeling

  • Paragon Decision Technology

    Role Caneval: General management and long term growth strategy implementation.

    Description: In 2003 the investment group WARP acquired Paragon Decision Technology, the maker of AIMMS, an advanced mathematical modeling software environment. Caneval provided the interim CEO for Paragon and was responsible for defining and implementing a market focused long term growth strategy for the company.

    Status: Finished.

  • MonTec

    Role Caneval: Scientific modeling software distribution and support.

    Description: MonTec is a specialist company providing software and support for the design of charged particle projection lithography systems for the manufacturing of high density integrated circuits. Caneval acquired the relevant intellectual property rights from Delft University of Technology. The sofware and underlying theoretical models were developed during the late eighties at Delft University in co-operation with IBM's General Technology Division in the USA. MonTec has extended the core programs with graphical interfaces and has integrated the various components into a MS Windows compliant particle optics design environment. The MonTec software and design services have been used by companies as IBM, Toshiba, Philips and Mapper Lithography as well as various universities in Europe, the US and Japan. Caneval owns, maintains and distributes the software and occasionally provides consultancy services.

    Status: Ongoing.


    Role Caneval: Concept and prototype development of investment support tools.

    Description: INVEST aims to deliver a set of powerful investment tools to build and manage financial portfolios of common stock for independent fund managers and advanced private investors. INVEST provides the means to track price and volume information of stocks, funds and indices around the globe; to value stock on the basis of the historical financial information of companies collected from their annual statements; to evaluate the risk parameters of individual assets as well a portfolio of assets on the basis of the Markowitz portfolio theory and the related Capital Asset Pricing Model; and to optimize the timing buy-sell decision on the basis of a fully automated technical analysis. It also provides the ability to back-track various investment strategies, whether they are based on fundamental analysis, risk-return analysis, technical analysis or a combination of those approaches and to tune the parameters of those strategies on the basis of historical information. Caneval developed a fully functional prototype program and is in search of a suitable implementation partner.

    Status: Ongoing.


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