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About Caneval Ventures

Caneval Ventures is a business development company specialized in starting, managing and growing new business propositions and companies. It provides an entry point into a network of independent professionals with a track record in high-tech industries. Teams are formed on a project by project basis to assess the market opportunity, develop the business case, arrange funding and to carry out marketing, sales and day-to-day operations.

Caneval was founded in December 1999 by Guus Jansen, when he left Telfort to start a mobile data Application Service Provider (ASP). UniXS Solutions was formed in June 2000 with financial backing of ABN-AMRO. Caneval originally served as a holding company for UniXS and evolved into vehicle for various business development and management activities after UniXS was sold in 2003.

Caneval is supposed to be pronounced in the French way and alludes to the founder's orginal intend to buy a house in France from the proceeds of the company. Otherwise the name has as little meaning as Yahoo! and Skype, although it has (so far) clearly failed to create a similar traction in the market. But, in all modisty, we are working on it.


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