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Engagements in the semiconductor industry

  • MAPPER Lithography

    Role Caneval: Technical feasibility study.

    Description: MAPPER Lithography develops and manufactures a new and highly competitive maskless lithography machine (a wafer stepper) for advanced chip manufacturing, using electron-beam technology. Caneval carried out an independent verification of the technical feasibility of the wafer stepper defined by MAPPER.

    Status: Finished.

  • EquipIC supply chain

    Role Caneval: Introduction of a new Hall effect sensor to the automotive market.

    Description: EquipIC is a foundry independent turnkey IC supplier. It co-ordinates the IC supply chain of design houses, foundries, and assembly and test houses for its customers. Caneval fulfils the product marketing function and leads the market introduction of a novel magnetic sensor based on a break-through technology.

    Status: Ongoing. Click here to view the Hall effect sensor product brochure (PDF document)


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